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We want you to get involved and become an Associate Sponsor of the APPG. By doing so you will help to raise the profile of the big issues caused by unhealthy homes and buildings. The APPG provides a strong platform within Parliament to demonstrate innovative solutions to make our homes and buildings fit for purpose and healthy. By being a sponsor you will add value to your communications profile and activity. By being associated with the APPG you will be able to build alliances, influence and shape policy direction and raise your profile with a wide range of stakeholders and Parliamentarians.

There are a number of benefits of becoming an Associate Sponsor of the Group:

  • Ability to influence the Group’s programme of work in conjunction with the parliamentary officers. This allows you to raise issues you want the Group to focus on at future meetings
  • Attending Group meetings, site visits and other activity which are sometimes limited to parliamentarians and sponsors, such as private roundtable events in Westminster
  • Providing speakers for forthcoming events to demonstrate your commitment to alleviating fuel poverty
  • Raising your profile with decision makers and influencers in Westminster and Whitehall including Ministers, MPs, Peers, special advisers and civil servants with responsibility for energy policy and with a particular interest in fuel poverty
  • Demonstrating your commitment to strengthening policy development
  • Strengthening relationships with those in the sector, as well as Peers and MPs
  • Using your role in the Group as a hook to strengthen your relationships with MPs in your areas of operation by inviting them to meetings and engaging with them on a strategic rather than constituency level.

Associate Sponsors and the parliamentary officers hold regular meetings in Parliament and with funding it will be possible to host a dynamic series of events and activity. inquiries, hold hearings, organise site visits and media activity: make a real impact and influence policy thinking.

Help us shine a light and tackle the significant health problems caused through unhealthy homes and buildings. Associate sponsorship costs £3,500.00 (plus VAT) per year. For further information and to get involved please contact the Secretariat on

Full details of sponsorships can be downloaded here.

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